Tuesday, 11 March 2008

All Change!

After the appalling weather yeaterday, we woke up to a cold, sunny morning. I was just relieved it wasn't raining as I was on duty outside at school!
When I got home tonight it was windy, but very mild. I checked out the greenhouse, and was pleased to see how well the celeriac and thyme seedlings looked after pricking out over the weekend. The lettuces and spinach in pots are doing well, and hopefully I'll pot up my chitted first early potatoes over next weekend. There are still puddles in the bottom of the greenhouse, but the path is dry!
The heated propagator has helped on a second sowing of tomatoes and peppers, which I'll pot on at the weekend too, but I did take the time to pot on the chillies from Nicola from the Garden Pub Club. Once I've got the space in the propagator I'll plant the busy lizzie seeds from Rachel.
In the garden the potted blueberries are showing flower buds and the buds are swelling on the cherry and plum trees too. There's no sign of life from the grape vine yet, but the prunings I stuck in a pot over the winter are showing little furry buds, so hopefully the roots are growing under the soil! Except for the daffodils there was no damage from the weather yesterday.

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