Friday, 4 April 2008

Sizzled Seedlings

Well the weather has been very mild this week, and each day I've had the roof vent open on the greenhouse, but left the door closed. Everything was looking great, until today. I came home and went out to check the greenhouse. The thermometer had gone up to 40 degrees C! I hadn't thought to take the lid off the propagator where the clematis and busy lizzies WERE growing. I lifted the lid, the clematis was a crisp, and most of the busy lizzies too. Everything else was OK, although the watercress was a bit dry!
My bokashi bin had fermented for the two weeks so I decided to empty it into the 'bean trench' in the garden. The waste still looked very much as before, although it smelled very acid. The instructions say layer the food scraps with the bran, white mould should grow, a straw coloured liquid should be produced, and the waste is pickled. It is then buried in the garden or compost bin, where it is supposed to break down very quickly. I am still a bit unsure, but anyone who wants to give it a go, shop around for the bins. They are usually sold in pairs, and vary from £25 to £55. You get 2 months supply of bokashi bran with your order.
Over the weekend the weather is forecast to change dramatically. Accu weather, which seems a bit more accurate than the national TV forecasts, says Saturday night will feel like -8, although it will probably be more like 2 degrees. I think my tomato plants will stay in their small pots for a bit longer so I can bring them in again.

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